Promise Rings

4th Sep 2018

The ancient Romans wore promise rings to signify that they intended to marry. In the 15th century Posey rings became popular in Europe, with these rings being a symbol of devotion between lovers. Acrostic rings were popular through the Victorian era, spelling out secret messages like “love” or “regard.” Later, it became popular in the United States for teens to present their girlfriends their class rings to indicate that they were “going steady.” Today, we have the promise ring.

As you can see, rings have played an integral part in cultures all over the world. They can represent love, purity, devotion, monogamy, but aren’t limited to that. The beauty in jewelry is that it is personal, and it represents what is in your heart. As young people are waiting longer to get married, many waiting until after they have finished their education and starting their careers, they are looking for a way to represent their commitment to one another. A promise ring takes the commitment to the next level, while giving the couple the time needed to achieve their goals and prepare to build their lives together. Promise rings tend to be less expensive than engagement rings, and often serve as a placeholder until such time that they couple is prepared to start planning for marriage. However, those aren’t the only times a promise ring may be given. Here are some other common examples of promise rings:

Purity rings: A ring presented to a child by an older relative to symbolize the child’s promise to remain pure until marriage.

Pre-engagement rings: A common use for a promise ring, meant to be a placeholder until the couple comes of age or finishes their education, at which time they will proceed with a traditional engagement.

Monogamy Ring: A promise ring that symbolizes that though the couple is not pursuing marriage, they are in fact deeply committed to one another and are no longer open to other relationships.

Friendship Ring: This ring represents the close friendship between two people, and signifies that they will always be there for one another. It does not have romantic connotation.

Whether you are presenting a child with their first piece of jewelry, celebrating a graduation, commitment, engagement, wedding, or birth of a child… we will provide you with the perfect gift. A gift that will show how much you care, and how much they mean to you. It’s moments like these that need to be treasured, and a promise ring will commemorate how truly special that moment is. When you present your loved one with a promise ring, you are doing more than giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. You are presenting them with a gift that transcends time, one that transcends culture.