Sterling Silver Heart & Butterfly Cubic Zirconia Ring

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Sterling Silver Heart & Butterfly Cubic Zirconia  Ring

When looking for a three-in-one type of design in a ring, you cannot go wrong with this ring. The ring presents a minimalist design featuring a heart decorated with a butterfly and cubic zirconia. Each of the three symbols bring on board their own meanings, which when combined, create a symbol of true love. Butterfly is known to represent the soul and life as a whole. The heart on the other hand is a symbol of true affection, which the cubic zirconia are in place to bring glamour.

The ring has a minimalist design, but a feminine look which makes it a perfect gift to a lady during a proposal. For ladies thinking about adding a romantic appeal to their outfit, this is the ring to go for.

  • Product Info:
  • Material: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Stone: Clear CZ
  • Width: 6mm  
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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