Sterling Silver Hearts Ring with White Opal

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Sterling Silver Hearts Ring with White Opal 

The opal stone’s beauty comes with a tender love when used in the right perspective. If you need to express the sincere love in your heart, with the opal ring, your goal will be so simple to attain. Opal symbolizes love, joy and encourages an inner radiance of its own. The way the white opal has been put into the heart symbol completes the sole reason you’d want to use this ring for.

The ring is crafted from pure .925 sterling silver, which is the trendiest aspect being used for crafting jewelry. The shiny appeal of sterling silver used on this ring brings out the fashion aspect of the jewelry. It’s a perfect ring for an engagement when you need to express your everlasting love.

  • Product Details:
  • Material: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Stone: White Lab Opal
  • Width: 9mm  
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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